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Pedagogy, Technology & Learning Environment

Ohalo leads the way for other academic institutions specializing in teachers' training, in developing 21st century pedagogy, while effectively integrating and utilizing advanced technology. 

The College has developed a state-of–the-art academic center and an educational model designed to train Teacher Cadets as the teachers of tomorrow, through a 3-year process. The core of the model is Problem to Project Based Education (P2PBE) which includes 8 stages and integrates renowned learning practices. The process begins by defining a problem and concludes in the successful application of the learning product – the project.

Dynamic Learning Environment: Together with the American company Steelcase Education, we have redesigned four classrooms in order to enable the successful application of the dynamic learning model described above. The illustration below details the model's different stages and the designated learning spaces, including tables and chairs, technological devices and all other accessories required for a dynamic learning experience. Such spaces enable quick transitions from independent, individual learning to joint, group learning.



Innovative Pedagogy

The Dynamic Ohalo Education Solutions (DOES) team has developed a unique learning process called "Problem to 




Project Based Education" (P2PBE). It is an eight-step model that combines well-known and familiar learning and working methods. The model includes movement on two main axes: the horizontal axis where the students move from self-work to teamwork and the vertical axis where the students are requested to move within the framework of their learning from individual outcomes to shared outcomes. This model re-defines the role of the teacher and adapts it to the reality of the 21st century.


Adapted Learning Spaces

The implementation of the described dynamic learning model requires a redesign of the learning spaces, which were planned and designed to provide our teachers the tools to motivate their students through dynamic and engaging learning experience.



Cutting-Edge Technology

Our learning spaces are equipped with the latest educational technology, including Media:Scape, smart-boards, laptop computers, Einstein tablets, flat-screen displays etc.