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Ohalo and the community

The College considers itself a leading institution which encourages social action as an integral part of the academic studies. The purpose of social involvement is to be acquainted with the Israeli society at large and specifically with the surrounding community. Importantly, the diverse, multi-cultural local population represents Israeli society and Israel's environmental cares.  It is highly significant for the graduates, as it contributes to their social-educational insights, which will influence their educational operation, and help them improve the current situation.


In recent years, Ohalo has joined forces with several schools in the north, in order to operate various educational programs. Thus, the college has become an active, contributing partner in promoting meaningful learning in the Galil and Golan Heights. As part of the cooperation, Ohalo is also involved in other educational activities and frameworks, which engage many college students, including the following projects:


  • Academy-Class – the unique, innovative program is conducted in full cooperation with the Northern District Department of the Ministry of Education and the Teacher Training Department. The program involves more than 70 students who gain unique experience in various local kindergartens and schools in the north of Israel.

  • Gamla School - Turning Gamla School in Katzrin into Ohalo's experimental school.

  • "Youth Academy" – In cooperation with a few nonprofit organizations, Ohalo is expanding its involvement and educational-social influence in the community, as an innovative educational center. The college opens its gates in the afternoons for 150 children and youth. It offers them educational programs that are coordinated by Ohalo students, and accompanied by the college's teacher cadets.

  • Memorial Project – The Ministry of Education initiative aims to commemorate the fallen Soldiers of Israel. Throughout the project, each college student accompanies 3-4 middle school youth in preparing a tribute book/album in memory of a fallen soldier, with the help of his/her family members. The project involves 20 students.

  • Embracing Holocaust Survivors – Throughout the program, 15 excellent students accompany Holocaust Survivors and assist them in daily problems and tasks.

  • The Reinforcement Project – The program, which is led by 20 students, employs educational and social activities designed to empower elementary and middle school students.

  • Ulpan for Parents – Throughout the program, parents of children and youth who attend nearby schools, are provided with Hebrew classes and reinforcement, which contributes to their social involvement and well-being.

  • Gvanim Program – Once a week, the college opens its gates for over 80 children and staff members from Nofey Golan High-School, and hosts unique classes facilitated by Ohalo's inspiring environment and innovative technological means. The unique learning experience is accompanied by one of Ohalo's professors and a team of college students.