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ראש החוג - ד"ר סנדי חביב


מסלול יסודי או מסלול רב גילאי


The OAC’s English department

The English department was founded about 30 years ago, with the aim of nurturing graduates who will be trained as excellent teachers and educators: Teachers who have an exceptional command of the English language and who have mastered methods for teaching it; and educators who through personal example are models of highly qualified, creative and sensitive professionals.



The MAT program

The MAT program is a four-year program that qualifies students to teach English to 3rd-10th graders. Regular students enrolling for this program need to finish 100-yearly hours of courses: 58-yearly hours of English courses, 21-yearly hours of Education courses, and 21-yearly hours of didactics and practice teaching. Apart from the Education courses, all the other courses are taught in English. The MAT courses can be divided into four categories: proficiency, linguistics, literature, and pedagogy.

לתכנית הלימודים המלאה לשנת תשע"ט לחצ/י כאן

Our staff members



Our study trip to London

The London Study Tour is a pedagogical travel program for students specializing in English.  The Study Tour began in 1999, and the English department organizes Student Tours approximately every two years. The objective for the trip is based on the understanding that the mastery of subject matter of English language teaching itself is not enough to make an effective language teacher. A language instructor must be able to connect to a large body of world knowledge and possess a broad understanding of cultural and historical processes. The London Study Tour enlarges the English student teacher’s knowledge base first-hand and raises an awareness of this need for their own classroom teaching. The Study Tour immerses English student teachers in an English language environment and its culture during a week-long visit to London.   While in London, students are engaged in activities which reflect the Ministry of Education Curriculum benchmarks within the Domains of: Presentation, Appreciation of Language and Culture, Access to Information and Social Interaction.